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Inspiring young girls to choose STEM careers

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What We Do

We encourage young girls to choose STEM fields by sharing the life stories of women in STEM-related fields. In addition, we have a blog where students share their passion for STEM and the story of what fueled this passion.

Interviewing Women In STEM

Interviews with women striving in all areas of STEM fields. These successful women share their life stories of what sparked their passion for STEM and what they've done since. They share their secrets to surpassing obstacles such as the gender gap and how they strive towards building a world of equality.

Sharing Life Stories of Young STEMinists

Life stories of young individuals who have chosen STEM careers in areas ranging from biology to computer science. These STEMists share the event or activity that fueled their interest in STEM and how they have continued to chase after their STEM dreams since.

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Our Team

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Hi! My name is Rohini Das and I am the Founder and President of The STEMinist Stories. I founded The STEMinist Stories to inspire young girls to choose STEM fields and decrease the gender gap in the work force. To encourage these girls who are the future pillars of our society, I wanted to build a platform to share the life stories of women in STEM fields. I wanted to share the challenges that women in STEM have faced but continue to overcome. This platform is what the STEMinist Stories is built upon


Here are testimonials from our fellow STEMinists

The best part of the STEMinists is that it is efficient and easy to use. Users can easily access the website and view the interviews and blog posts.


During covid times, we were looking for inspiration in STEM and found it right at home. Instead of having to drive and go to a location during this pandemic, we could be inspired in our home within minutes


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